“Together we can create change…” Nice Customer Feedback

We recently received this lovely comment from a customer in Oklahoma:

I am the case manager for the children’s abuse and trauma department at Family & Children’s Services a nonprofit organization in Tulsa. When I got to the office today I had a request to order Taking Action for adolescents. I googled the book and when amazon came up , I thought great, we often use amazon for books and toys because the prices are often lower than the therapy sites. Not today, amazon was offering the book for $27.04 paperback. I immediately looked inside the book left with the request, went to your website and was dumbfounded. I couldn’t believe the difference in price, roughly $7,000.00 for the amount of books we wanted to order. The efforts of your organization to help the families and children in need of support is phenomenal, because of what you do, the therapists working at FCS can now offer the book to the families coming to us for help for free. Together we can create change and a brighter future for these families, thank you.