New Website for Sex Offender Researchers and Practitioners

We just received word of the new Next Gen Forensic community blog, which sounds to us like a valuable new resource for researchers and practitioners. Here’s a partial quote of the description from the site:

nextgenforensic is an academic community blog that aims to provide a platform for the next generation of ideas in the field of theory, assessment, treatment, and prevention of sexual violence and for researchers and practitioners to communicate their ideas and work to a wider audience. We seek to unite the next generation of researchers in the field and provide a medium through which aspiring academics can find their voice, hone their craft, share their work, build their professional identity, and connect with other scholars.

The community at nextgenforensic is seeking submissions from researchers and clinicians. See their Submission Info page to learn more.

We wish them good luck with this important project, and expect to be checking in frequently.

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