New Safer Society Press Titles

If you haven’t yet seen our new catalog, you may not know about several recent Safer Society Press releases. Here’s a quick introduction to our latest titles, in alphabetical order. For more information or to order, just click on the Safer Society Press navigation button and follow the link to the online catalog.

Building Motivation for Change in Sexual Offenders, edited by David Prescott looks at ways to motivate tough clients and to create a client/therapist environment that promotes a client’s willingness to change.

Current Practices and Emerging Trends in Sexual Abuser Management by Robert J. McGrath, Georgia F. Cumming, Brenda L. Burchard, Stephen Zeoli, and Lawrence Ellerby reports on the results of Safer Society’s 2009 North American survey of treatment providers. Current practices and trends are compared to best practices. Hard copies are available in the store, or you can download a PDF copy free by going to the For Professionals area.

The Journey of Healing: Wisdom from Survivors of Sexual Abuse is a literary anthology showcasing the work of sexual abuse survivors. The voices in this book are unique, strong, aware, and wise. Edited by Marjorie Ryerson, this powerful book shows the effects of sexual abuse and the many roads to healing.

Rewind, Rebound is a supportive guide for teenage male survivors of sexual abuse. Written by Leslie Bailey Wright and Mindy B. Loiselle, authors of Shining Through and Back on Track, it speaks to the issues faced by these young men.

Sarah’s Waterfall follows a young girl through her year of healing from sexual abuse. Written as a series of journal entries, Sarah shares her thoughts and exercises from her treatment group. Author Ellery Akers and illustrator Angelique Benicio have created a marvelous tool to assist girls in dealing with the effects of sexual abuse.

The Taking Action booklets replace From Trauma to Understanding. The two editions provide targeted information for the parents of children with sexual behavior problems and for parents of adolescents with illegal sexual behavior. The children’s edition is written by Jane F. Silvosky and the adolescent version by Barbara L. Bonner. Both provide support for parents and show how to move forward in this most difficult situation.

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