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The New Circle Magazine is a free digital publication of the Safer Society Foundation and Press. We took the name from our mentoring program, which has been providing at-risk children in central Vermont with a new circle of support and friendship. The idea is to create a new paradigm that is more effective with permanent, positive changes.

In the same way, we intend for The New Circle Magazine to be a new paradigm for sharing ideas, resources, and solutions among a broad spectrum of professionals and paraprofessionals who work with at-risk children and adolescents. The goal is simple: help those children grow up to lead healthier, happier and more productive lives.

New Circle Magazine


Our mission is to form a circle of practitioners in the various helping professions for the purpose of sharing and cross-pollination of practical knowledge about working with at-risk children and teens.

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In the first issue we provide
the foundation for future issues
by at first examining the challenges
we all face in the work we do.

So, what's inside?

In this issue:

Welcome to The New Circle

What are Helping Professionals Up Against?

It's the Relationship that Heals
Foster Care-Does it Mitigate or Exacerbate Trauma?

Encountering Child Sexual Abuse in Your Work

...and much more

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