Native American Youth and Cultural Adversity: A Conversation with Tatewin Means and Christopher Lobanov-Rostovsky

Recorded on July 13, 2020

Guest Speaker: Tatewin Means and Christopher Lobanov-Rostovsky

Native American youth are disproportionately experiencing mental health challenges in tribal communities where there is often a lack of prevention and treatment resources. Teen suicide, substance abuse, interpersonal violence, and other trauma are common within this underserved population. This conversation looks at the historical antecedents and current climate, and discusses the challenges for service provision to Native American youth, including federal, state, and local efforts and limitations to serving this population. Finally, issues related to interpersonal violence prevention and intervention within tribal communities will be explored. 

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        I was registered for the Native American Youth and Cultural Adversity webinar and was unable to attend. I understand a recording of it is possibly available, but I did not receive an email yet with the recording. Would you be able to email it to me? Thank you!

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