Manhood, Masculinity, and Treatment for Sexual Offending

Recorded August 5, 2021

Guest Speaker: Alejandro Leguízamo

In treatment geared towards men who have committed sexual offenses, we often talk about cognitive distortions and how they led to their crimes. However, it may be helpful to consider whether their “distorted” thinking is not an aberration, but rather an integral part of how manhood and masculinity are defined in our societies. We will explore the implicit and explicit instructions men receive from birth, how the ideals set forth are attainable by only a few, and how the rest of us manage this “failure.” We will discuss the impact of masculinity in treatment, how we can work to redefine it for better mental health, and how we can prevent further sexual abuse along the way.

Alejandro Leguízamo
Professor of Psychology, Roger Williams University

Alejandro Leguízamo has been active in the sex offending field for more than two decades as a researcher, clinician, and evaluator. He is a former Clinical Director of the Sex Offender Treatment Program at the Massachusetts Treatment Center, where he also provided treatment to Spanish-speaking inmates and civilly committed men. He is currently a Professor of Psychology at Roger Williams University in Rhode Island. In addition to his academic work, he conducts evaluations and specialized treatment for the Massachusetts Department of Youth Services. His current research focuses on cultural factors in sex offending and on predictors of psychological well-being in diverse community samples. He currently serves as the Education and Training member in ATSA’s Executive Board. Dr. Leguízamo regularly presents at regional and national conferences.

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