Let’s Take the Stigma Out of Employing People with a History of Behavioral Issues

Hosted by: David Prescott, LICSW, ATSA-F
Guest Speaker: Daryn Forgeron

Recorded on: October 4, 2023
Length: One Hour

Employment can be an important re-entry method and strong protective factor for people who have committed an offense or with a history of behavior issues. Yet many employers are unwilling to hire these individuals. By increasing employers’ understanding, we can promote inclusive hiring and healthy workplaces.

This webinar features an open dialogue with Working Fields, a staffing agency that specializes in helping people eliminate barriers to employment. We will discuss hiring people with past behavioral issues, address common misconceptions, and tackle questions from Working Fields employer partners.

Daryn Forgeron
Marketing Director, Working Fields

Daryn Forgeron is the Marketing Director for Working Fields, a staffing agency with a unique peer coaching model that is designed to eliminate barriers to employment. Daryn is an experienced writer whose lived experience of trauma and mental health has taught her the importance of building community. The daughter of two teachers who taught at international schools, Daryn grew up on four continents. She now lives in Vermont with her partner and three cats.

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