Let’s Connect!

“It is the heart of life to have a real meeting with another human being.”
-Fay Honey Knopp

The U.S. Surgeon General issued an advisory this year on the healing power of social connection and community. Technology has made it easier for us to stay connected, but we are facing more loneliness than ever. But there is hope. In his report, Dr. Vivek Murthy said, “each of us can start now, in our own lives, by strengthening our connections and relationships. Our individual relationships are an untapped resource—a source of healing hiding in plain sight. They can help us live healthier, more productive, and more fulfilled lives.”

At Safer Society we believe in the benefits of cultivating connections and work to create networking opportunities for our community.

Our Safe Haven support sessions are a safe space to connect with professionals like you to discuss the challenges you face in your work and connect with others who share similar experiences. In each session, we will discuss topics important and relevant to those attending. Don’t be shy and sign up for one of our upcoming sessions below!

Our Safe Haven for Professionals Coping with Disability-Related Stress

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