Training Description & Topics


In this online training, veteran author and practitioner Timothy Kahn provides education on how best to understand and help children and adolescents who have sexually abused. Drawing on nearly five decades of experience in the field, he reviews what all professionals need to know and why, drawing upon key recent research studies. He will first focus on “risk points” within adolescent development that can lead to abusing as well as discuss issues such as sexting, pornography, and the eroticization of children. Along the way, he will also discuss the necessity of self-care skills, including a healthy sense of humor. The training then focuses on understanding the course of treatment and secrets of effective group therapy, with extensive discussion of establishing professional boundaries. 

Timothy Kahn is the author of many of the most widely used workbooks and resources in the world, including Healthy FamiliesPathways, and Footprints. He served on the Washington State Licensing Board that developed evaluation and treatment standards and licensing requirements for sex offender treatment providers in Washington State.  He is an accomplished trainer and consultant for a variety of agencies in the Pacific Northwest. 

Topics to be covered include:

1) Understanding recidivism data
2) Staying physically and emotionally safe when working with these adolescents
3) Boundary and consent education
4) “Risk points” including the onset of puberty and transition to adulthood/emancipation
5) Safety and supervision planning
6) The use of specific curricula, such as Healthy FamiliesPathways, and Footprints.
7) Addressing gender non-conformity in the treatment of children and adolescents who have sexually abused