Training Description & Topics


This workshop addresses the issue of adolescents sexually abusing others in their family. Decades of science and practice have shown that sexual abuse within families cannot be addressed effectively by any single discipline. Working with families in which sexual abuse has occurred can require expertise in many areas, including understanding the effects of abuse on those who are victimized as well as other family members. It also requires that we understand the elements of the adolescent’s life that led him or her to abuse. As well, professionals need to understand the factors that may contribute to further abuse if there is no intervention as well as the factors that can help to prevent it from happening again. 

This workshop addresses the systemic collaboration necessary to work with families after sexual harm has occurred. It addresses areas such as addressing client responsibility, family therapy, and how to conduct family reunification. It involves audience discussion and case examples.

Topics discussed:
1) Inter-agency and inter-disciplinary collaboration in working with families
2) Ensuring victim safety
3) Family work with adolescents who have sexually abused
4) Strategies for family reunification
5) Common issues that occur within family work