Training Description & Topics


This workshop focuses on the challenging subject of personality disorders and their relevance to understanding men with sexual and violent convictions.  As an expert in this field, Dr. Craissati adopts a psychological approach to diagnostic dilemmas. In this workshop she will explore a number of options for making sense of complex behaviours and risk issues in these individuals.  Having reviewed the evidence base for psychological therapies in this area, she will describe the development in the UK of a pragmatic—and very promising—approach to “psychologically-informed case management.”  Dr. Craissati has planned for plenty of time in the workshop to discuss the issues with the participants and think through the issues raised by some case studies. 

Topics to be discussed:
1) Why worry about personality disorder?
2) The problems with a diagnostic approach.
3)Taking a psychological approach to formulation of personality difficulties and their link to offending behaviour.
4)The evidence base for psychological therapies.
5)The Offender Personality Disorder (OPD) Pathway in the UK
6)What is meant by a psychologically-informed case management approach.