Frequently Asked Questions

Sarah Snow Haskell

How and Where?
This course is offered online through our website, and can be completed at your own pace (you can pause and resume whenever you like). This course requires watching pre-recorded videos.

How do I complete it?
Once you have completed the course, you’ll take a quiz to show your knowledge. You can take it as many times as you’d like, but need to score 80% or higher to pass. You will also be required to submit an online evaluation. The quiz and evaluation form will be accessed online through the course website.

What kind of computer do I need?
While we recommend using either a desktop or a laptop (Windows/Mac) for the best experience, any device with a web browser and access to the internet should work.

When I’m done, how do I get my credit?
Once we’ve verified you’ve passed the quiz and submitted a program evaluation, we’ll send you a certificate of completion by email. This process usually takes two business days.

What do I get for completing the course?
Currently, this course offers Social Work CE credit.

Registration Deadline?

When was this originally created (and how relevant is it)?
This training was originally recorded in October 2020