Katherine Gotch, LPC, CCSOT, ATSA-F

Katherine “Katie” Gotch has worked in the field of sexual abuse prevention for over twenty years as a clinician, evaluator, trainer, educator, and in the development of evidence-informed public policy. She runs a private practice, Integrated Clinical & Correctional Services, which provides specialized clinical and consultation services related to individuals with sexual behavior problems and other forms of abusive/violent behavior. She currently serves as the Public Policy Executive Board Member for ATSA, as a Board Member for NPEIV, and as the Policy Advisor for OATSA. Katie frequently provides training to correctional agencies, treatment providers, policy makers, and other community partners on sexual abuse specific assessment, management and treatment; static and dynamic risk; public policy; public/media engagement; and related topics. She is a certified Static-99R/STABLE & ACUTE-2007 trainer.