Juvenile Notification and Registration Survey

Safer Society has been notified of a nationwide investigation being done by Human Rights Watch. Nicole Pittman, Esq. , a Soros Senior Justice Advocacy Fellow, is looking for people to interview regarding the harmful impact of registration and notification laws on children. She wants to interview a wide variety of people from the following categories:

  • Children (under the age of 18) who have been adjudicated delinquent or convicted as an adult sex offense that either a) subjects (or subjected them) to sex offender registration and notification laws; b) were subjected to registration or notification laws but successfully petitioned to get off the registry; or c) were subject to registration and notification laws but aged out of the juvenile justice system and no longer are required to register.
  • Family members affected by a child relative subject to registration and notification. This category also includes anyone in a guardian/mentor-like position in the child’s life such as coaches, teachers, clergy, etc.
  • Attorney’s representing children in underlying criminal proceedings or adjudications.
  • Government officials including probation officers, judges, prosecutors, mandatory sex offender treatment providers, police officers, etc.

Every interviewee ill have the right to refuse participation and/or to provide information confidentially.

More information about the project, and how to participate can be found in this announcement flyer.

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