Happy Thanksgiving from Safer Society!

Are we emerging into the post-pandemic world? It seems that way. We recently took part in the ATSA Conference in Los Angeles, and it felt great to see our colleagues from around North America, and even the world, come together face to face again.

So it feels appropriate that we once more take this time of the year to assess all that we are grateful for. For us, that starts with all our customers. We fully launched our Continuing Education Center in 2021. It was so gratifying to connect expert presenters with the many professionals in the U.S. and abroad who could benefit from this training and the CEs they could earn. We are extremely thankful that 2022 has been even stronger.

The Press continues to benefit from customers who find our books and workbooks useful for helping to reduce the impacts of sexual abuse by treating those who harm and those who have been harmed. A big part of this are all our authors, who share their experience and knowledge with us and the world.

Social distancing and mentoring are not exactly compatible, but the mentors of our New Circle program did their best to maintain their relationships with mentees through the pandemic. And now, face to face, they can once again bring some stability to their mentees, one of the major goals of the program.

Yes, we have a lot to be thankful for. We hope you do as well. Wish all our United States friends a Happy Thanksgiving, and days of peace and joy to everyone.

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