Group Therapy with Sexual Abusers

Engaging the Full Potential of the Group Experience


by Steven Sawyer and Jerry L. Jennings
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WP174Treatment of sexual abusers is commonly practiced in group settings, but all too often is conducted like “individual therapy with an audience.” The authors of this book aim to change this paradigm by helping clinicians increase their effectiveness in treatment using the unique power of group relationships and group cohesion to achieve therapeutic growth for individual group members.

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The book is filled with sound, practical guidelines for facilitating groups in the powerful mode of “group-centered” group therapy, enriched by dozens of case examples based on the authors’ many years of practice.

The authors are leading experts on group therapy for sexual abusers, presenting regularly at professional conferences across North America. This first-of-its-kind book belongs on the must-read list of any clinician who works with sexual abuser groups. (2016)

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