Dr. Franca Cortoni presents Current Issues in the Assessment, Treatment, and Management of Female Sexual Abusers

Drawing upon my research, clinical, and training experience, this webinar will introduce participants to a practical, empirically-based, gender-specific, and user-friendly approach to the assessment, treatment, and management of female sexual offenders.

About the Presenter

Franca Cortoni, PhD, C.Psych, is Associate Professor of Forensic Psychology in the School of Criminology of the University of Montreal. Dr. Cortoni teaches undergraduate and graduate level courses on specialized topics on offenders, including sexual offenders; cognitive-behavioral interventions with offenders; female offenders; and theories of criminal violence.

Since 1989, she has worked with and conducted research on male and female sexual offenders in a variety of Canadian and Australian penitentiaries and community settings. In addition, she has provided consultancy and training services in the assessment,treatment, and management of both male and female sexual offenders in Canada, Australia,the U.S., and the UK. She is the author of Women Who Sexually Abuse: Assessment, Treatment, and Management Safer Society Press (2018).