Do Sanctions Affect Undetected Sexual Offending?

Hosted by: David Prescott, LICSW, ATSA-F
Guest Speaker: Sharon Kelley, PsyD

Recorded on: September 20, 2023
Length: One Hour

Not every sex crime is reported to authorities. This simple fact has caused considerable fear in society, leading to questions about how much we really know about sexual abuse and those who perpetrate it. For those researching sex crimes, it becomes even more complicated: the rate of actual offending (both detected and undetected) appears to vary widely depending on who is being studied, how undetected sexual offending is defined, and how undetected sexual offenses are measured.

In this webinar, Dr. Kelley will review the results of a study of 200 men assessed as being at high risk and residing in a civil commitment program. The study captures the rate of undetected sexual offenses before and after formal sanctions for detected sexual offenses. Dr. Kelley will suggest ways in which the results of this study will improve how we work with offenders going forward, including in risk assessment.

Sharon Kelley, PsyD
Forensic Psychologist, Sand Ridge Secure Treatment Center

Dr. Kelley is a licensed psychologist. Since January 2013, she has been an SVP evaluator for the Evaluation Unit at Sand Ridge Secure Treatment Center in Wisconsin. She is an ATSA Board Member as well as an independent Static-99R trainer, VRS-SO trainer, SAPROF trainer, and SAPROF-SO co-developer and trainer. In addition to her current research on undetected sexual offending, she has published articles and research on the SAPROF-SO, Static-99R, VRS-SO, mental illness and sexual offending, and evaluator decision-making.

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