Developmental Aspects (DVD)

Adolescents Who Sexually Abuse


featuring David S. Prescott, LICSW


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“Teenagers are going to develop in whatever ways we make possible for them,” says David Prescott, in this hopeful and sensitive presentation about the ability of the adolescent mind to change and move on from unhealthy and harmful behaviors. Prescott discusses why adolescents should not be treated with the same models we use for adult offenders, and he argues that the client-clinician relationship affects the outcome of the therapeutic process. The result is inspiring and educational. (2014)

Recorded at the 2014 MASOC/MATSA Conference in Massachusetts.

CEUs No Longer Offered For Viewing Conference Workshop Videos

We are sorry that we can no longer offer CEUs for viewing our conference workshop videos. The product comes with packaging saying that CEUs are available, but this is no longer accurate. Most people who purchase the videos do not apply for CEUs, which means that for our partner in this project, ATSA, it is not viable to continue to be the conduit for granting the CEUs. Call us at 802-247-3132 if you have a question about this.

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