Copyright and Safer Society Press

‘Tis the season – not only for the holidays, but also for looking ahead to next year and making plans and completing budgets. Here at Safer Society, we’ve been busy with these projects. We’re excited about the manuscripts we expect to publish and hope you will find them helpful in your work. Publishing a book is a complex project, and costs several thousand dollars. To remain financially viable, these costs must be recovered so we have funds for the next project. Think cycles! We constantly are trying to walk the extremely fine line that balances our need to receive sufficient income to continue our work with the knowledge that many who need our resources work with very limited budgets of their own. We do our best to keep prices as reasonable as possible, while continuing to meet our ever-increasing expenses.

So what does this have to do with copyright?

Copyright is intended to protect intellectual property rights and to provide the content creator with the ability to receive financial rewards for the work they have done. Ideally, this is an incentive for new work to continually be created. This is why making unauthorized copies is a violation of copyright. You are using the intellectual work of another without providing them with compensation. Without the income from sales of the work neither the author nor the publisher are able to continue providing new, quality resources to the field. Our field is changing, and research is providing new answers and additional insight into effective treatment methods. Safer Society Press wants to be able to help you keep abreast of these changes and to integrate emerging best practices into your work. We believe this serves our ultimate mission of making society safer. To do so, we depend upon the revenue generated by sales of our books. Over 90% of our yearly income is derived from book sales.

What can I do?

  • Most importantly, do not make unauthorized copies. Your purchases directly help us continue our work.
  • Buy in bulk. We offer discounts on orders of 10 copies or more of the same title. Discounts range from 5% to 30%, depending upon the number of copies purchased. If other programs exist in your area, consider combining your orders to take advantage of these discounts.
  • Purchase a site license. This is an option we’ve recently begun offering. A site license allows you to make authorized copies from a CD at a reduced per copy price.

Respecting copyright helps everyone.

  • It allows you to continue to have access to updated resources.
  • It compensates your fellow professionals for the time and effort they have invested in writing and editing.
  • It sets a good example of respecting others’ boundaries and rights for those with whom you work.
  • And it allows Safer Society Press to continue to fulfill the mission Fay Honey Knopp envisioned for it.


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