Celebrating June Anniversaries

June seems to be a favorite month at Safer Society for hiring our staff, as we celebrated anniversaries for three of our colleagues. Sarah Snow Haskell came on board in 2015, David Prescott in 2020, and Michelle Shubert in 2021.

Michelle began as a part-time hire to process orders. It didn’t take long for us to realize Michelle’s talents could help us in other ways and we expanded her role to full-time. In addition to ensuring excellent customer service, Michelle also helps to coordinate our New Circle Mentoring Program, as well as handling other administrative tasks.

David, of course, needs no explanation of his value to the agency. That we hired him during the uncertainty surrounding the start of the pandemic should speak volumes about how important he is to Safer Society.

Sarah came on board during some leaner times. She too was hired part-time, but demonstrated almost immediately that she is a remarkably capable person. When she became full-time, she applied herself in numerous roles. Today she is the Director of Operations.

All three of our June hires have become indispensable contributors to what we do every day to fulfill our nonprofit mission. We are extremely glad to call all three of them colleagues.

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