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Providing Treatment to People Who Categorically Deny Their Sex Crimes of Record

People who have been convicted of sex crimes and are mandated to treatment often present with complex clinical and ethical challenges. Treating those who categorically deny having committed the sex crime for which they have been convicted can be particularly challenging. The Rockwood program in Ontario developed and implemented a model approach to engaging these individuals.

Acceptance, Understanding, Compassion, and Personal Responsibility – A Path to Healing: A Conversation with Stephan Jones

Stephan Jones is the son of Rev. Jim Jones, whose actions with the Peoples Temple ended in the deaths of over 900 people in Jonestown, Guyana, on November 18, 1978. Away playing at a Temple-promoted basketball game at the time, Stephan and his teammates lost most of their families, loved ones, and community that night. This conversation will explore Stephan’s journey through the traumatic events into a deep acceptance and understanding of them. His is a story of interest to all who have found themselves at a crossroads in the wake of trauma.

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“On Thanksgiving Day we acknowledge our dependence.” – William Jennings Bryan We have always liked Bryan’s definition of Thanksgiving, but …