Pornography, Social Media, and Teens: What Could Go Wrong? And What Can Be Done to Make it Go Less Wrong?

Social media is the method of communication preferred by adolescents and young adults, and many social media apps have become a primary means for viewing sexually explicit media. Rather than searching for content that matches their developing sexual interests, many adolescents simply scroll through whatever is on their feed, often finding sexually explicit material. What effect is this having on their mental health and concept of sexuality? How can professionals help them navigate the complexities of sexual development in a climate that encourages viewers to “like” and “subscribe.”

Testifying in Juvenile Cases: A Neuroscience and Psychosocial Development Framework

Mental health professionals frequently serve as expert witnesses in court cases in which juveniles face the possibility of being prosecuted as adults. Neuroscience and psychosocial development research support the findings that adolescents are less capable of mature judgement and more vulnerable to negative external influences, but also have a greater capacity for change and reform. Research has also identified indicators of normative psychosocial maturity associated with desistance from antisocial behavior, even among serious juvenile offenders. Landmark U.S. Supreme Court cases have been based on elaborating fundamental differences between adolescents and adults that inform decisions about criminal culpability, responsibility, and sentencing. 

Our Safe Haven: Online Support Sessions for Professionals Working with Individuals Who Have Sexually Abused or Have Survived Abuse

Join Safer Society for our new, one-hour support group sessions for professionals working with individuals who have sexually abused.

The work you do is difficult. These live online sessions will provide a safe, non-threatening space for professionals like you to discuss the challenges you face in your work and connect with others who share similar experiences. Led by David Prescott, a mental health practitioner with four decades of experience, these online sessions will provide you with a rich, meaningful experience in a supportiv