Building a Better Life

A Good Lives and Self -Regulation Workbook

by Pamela M. Yates, Ph.D, R.D. Psych & David S. Prescott, LICSW

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The goal of sex offender treatment is prevention of future offenses. A growing body of research indicates that emphasizing the achievement of healthy goals is more effective at preventing relapse than simply focusing on avoidance. This “good lives” approach is gaining traction in the field of sex offending treatment, but until now there has not been a workbook that pulls together a consistent, unified program for clinicians to use with clients.

That’s why Safer Society Press is pleased to announce the publication of Building a Better Life: A Good Lives And Self-Regulation Workbook. The book is written by Pamela M. Yates and David S. Prescott, two of the leading experts on the good lives model and co-authors (with Tony Ward) of the best-selling Applying the Good Lives and Self-Regulation Models to Sex Offender Treatment.

Further Information for Professionals – revised 2020

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