Being A Pro

The Prosocial Model for Problem Solving: Teen Workbook

New from Safer Society Press, this 10-module intervention for building prosocial problem-solving skills in justice system-involved youths has been created by Dr. Norbert Ralph, a clinical psychologist at the Juvenile Justice Center in San Francisco. Dr. Ralph derived the model from evidence-based theory and research showing that interventions to promote prosocial and moral reasoning in teens have positive outcomes.

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Advantages of the Being a Pro program:

  • Targets prosocial reasoning and skills in teens, a key developmental area related to positive healthy outcomes.
  • Grounded in developmental and brain research with teens, and what can help them function better.
  • Written in plain language accessible for young people.
  • Real-life relevant content and exercises engage today‚Äôs teens.
  • Workbook structure complements ongoing counseling.
  • Can be used for boys and girls ages 12 to 18.
  • Can be used in individual and group counseling.
  • Can be used over a 10-week period, but individual exercises are written so they can be used separately.

Online video training is available. And the following free supplemental resources make Being a Pro an effective tool for beginning and experienced counselors alike:

  • Counselor manual for using the workbook
  • A Research and theory manual to provide in-depth background information
  • Specially designed Pre and Post tests to assess prosocial outcomes
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