Becoming Who I Want to Be Young Women – Audio Files

Concepts in the Becoming Who I Want to Be workbook are illustrated by “real life” case stories and examples. To help those clients who would get more out of listening to the stories than reading them, a set of 19 MP3 audio files of author Tyffani Dent reading every story in the book is available for download free of charge.

Please click the stories below to listen or download each file.

01. Sarah’s Story, Part 1 

02. Sarah’s Story, Part 2

03. Tanisha’s Story, Part 1

04. Tanisha’s Story, Part 2

05. Tanisha’s Story, Part 3

06. Anita’s Story

07. Dayanara’s Story

08. Nelson Mandela and Hope

09. Hannah’s Goals and Lily’s Goals

10. Jamie’s Goal

11. Angela’s Idea of Having Fun

12. Tamiko’s Way of Being an Achiever

13. Kimi’s Way of Being Her Own Person

14. Sarah’s Story, Part 3

15. Madison’s Purpose in Life

16. How Emma Meets Her Emotional Needs

17. How Keisha Tried to Meet Her Sexual Needs

18. Christina’s Way of Being Physically Healthy

19. Same Behavior – Different Goals