Becoming the Man I Want to Be

With this important new workbook, the Good Lives Model (GLM) can be used for treatment with your adult male clients who require therapy for a wide range of criminal and harmful behaviors.

Author David Prescott introduces clients to this strengths-based counseling process that will enable them to build a better life for themselves. Colorful illustrations connect clients with the many case examples, which helps them comprehend the eight "good life goals" that will form the framework of their new healthy way of living.

With Becoming the Man I Want to Be each of your clients will:

1. Reflect about the things that are important to him in his life.

2. Understand the methods he used to obtain these things in the past and plan how he will get them in healthier ways in the future.

3. Learn to recognize the obstacles that have kept him from living a healthier life.

4. Develop a plan for overcoming obstacles and becoming the person he wants to be.

5. Put his plan to work in his daily life.

The over-riding message is that counseling is a way to a better, healthier life.

Counseling =

From chapter one of Becoming the Man I Want to Be

Becoming the Man I Want to Be Spanish Edition
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