Attachment, Development, and How We Become the Persons We Are: A Conversation with Alan Sroufe

Recorded on: January 7, 2021

Guest Speaker: Alan Sroufe

Alan Sroufe, one of the world’s leading developmental psychologists, will be joining host David Prescott for a discussion of Dr. Sroufe’s life work, which is also the subject of his new book, A Compelling Idea: How We Become the Persons We Are.

Dr. Sroufe’s groundbreaking theoretical and empirical contributions to the fields of developmental psychology and developmental psychopathology have been reported to the academic world in over 150 papers and journal articles and seven books. During the free, hour-long webinar, Dr. Sroufe discusses what he and his team of researchers learned about human development over the course of the longest running (40-year) study of attachment across the lifespan and across generations.

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      Thank you for your inquiry, Cristina!

      Attendees will be able to request a Certificate of Participation following this webinar. Attendees must be present for at least 90% of the live webinar. Once registered, a link will be sent to you that is specific to your registration, which allows us verify your attendance.

      If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to reach us by phone (802) 247-3132 or by email info @


  1. Was looking forward to this and had blocked off time. Didn’t see in Rick Hanson one had to preregister. Came to join as per info on saved link only to find full.

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