Articles Discussed in Webinar: Why We Must Embrace Therapeutic Jurisprudence in the Criminal Justice System

Webinar Presenters: Heather Ellis Cucolo & Michael L. Perlin

Additional articles added March 16, 2021:

“Some Mother’s Child Has Gone Astray”: Neuroscientific Approaches to a Therapeutic Jurisprudence Model of Juvenile Sentencing (with Alison J. Lynch, Esq.), —  Fam. Ct. Rev.  – (2021). See

“Something’s Happening Here/But You Don’t Know What It Is”: How Jurors (Mis)Construe Autism in the Criminal Trial Process (with Prof. Heather Ellis Cucolo), —  U. Pitt. L. Rev. —  (2021 ). See

“Have You Seen Dignity?”: The Story of the Development of Therapeutic Jurisprudence, 27 U.N.Z. Law Rev. 1135 (2017). See

“Too Stubborn To Ever Be Governed By Enforced Insanity”: Some Therapeutic Jurisprudence Dilemmas in the Representation of Criminal Defendants in Incompetency and Insanity Cases, 33 Int’l J. L. & Psychiatry 475 (2010), reprinted in Juridicum: Terapeutik Juridik87 (Christian Diesen ed. 2012).

“Far from the Turbulent Space”: Considering the Adequacy of Counsel in the Representation of Individuals Accused of Being Sexually Violent Predators, 18 U. Pa. J. L. & Soc. Change 125 (2015) (with Prof. Heather Ellis Cucolo).

“Had to be Held down by Big Police”:  A Therapeutic Jurisprudence Perspective on Interactions between Police and Persons with Mental Disabilities, 43 Fordham Urban L.J. 685 (2016) (with Alison J. Lynch, Esq.)

‘‘Yonder Stands Your Orphan with His Gun’’: The International Human Rights and Therapeutic Jurisprudence Implications of Juvenile Punishment Schemes, 46 Tex. Tech. L. Rev. 301 (2013).

“See This Empty Cage Now Corrode”: The International Human Rights Implications of Sexually Violent Predator Laws (with Prof. Heather Ellis Cucolo), 23  New Crim. L. Rev. 388 (2020).

Original Articles:

A TJ Approach to Mental Disability Rights Research: On Sexual Autonomy and Sexual Offending by Michael L. Perlin, Heather Cucolo, Alison Lynch :: SSRN

‘Pistol Shots Ring Out in the Barroom Night’: Bob Dylan’s ‘Hurricane’ as an Exam (or Course) in Criminal Procedure by Michael L. Perlin :: SSRN

‘My Bewildering Brain Toils in Vain’: Traumatic Brain Injury, the Criminal Trial Process, and the Case of Lisa Montgomery by Alison Lynch, Michael L. Perlin, Heather Cucolo :: SSRN

‘I See What Is Right and Approve, But I Do What Is Wrong’: Psychopathy and Punishment in the Context of Racial Bias in the Age of Neuroimaging