Addressing Microaggressions in Clinical Practice and the Workplace

Hosted by: David Prescott
Guest Speaker: Ryan Warner, PhD

Recorded On: October 19, 2022

Promoting diversity and inclusion has become a top priority in many areas of the criminal justice system. However, microaggressions, which are subtle, covert forms of discrimination, may influence interactions with clients and co-workers, and contribute to detrimental impacts within these environments. Research shows that when microaggressions are directly addressed, the performance, cohesion, and outcomes of workplace teams are enhanced. Therefore, during this interactive webinar interview, participants learn practical strategies to identify microaggressions and build techniques to improve the culture of clinical settings and the workplace. 

Ryan Warner, PhD
Licensed Clinical Psychologist, RC Warner Consulting

Ryan C. Warner, Ph.D., CRC is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of RC Warner Consulting, LLC. Dr. Warner is a sought-after licensed psychologist, researcher, speaker, and consultant. He received a PhD in Counseling Psychology from Marquette University. He has had speaking engagements at both national and international levels, has been published in various peer review journals, and has accelerated meaningful change within small and large organizations. He is an expert in the study of microaggressions, anti-racism, unconscious bias, and psychological resilience, and his message has been heard by millions of people around the world.

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