Achieve Better Clinical Results with Deliberate Practice

Hosted by: David Prescott
Guest Speaker: Daryl Chow, MA, PhD

Recorded on: December 13, 2022

How do we begin clinical sessions in a focused manner? How do we not get confused by all the details? How do we stay flexible and directional at the same time? And ultimately, how can we become deeper learners, turning information from our own practice into wisdom?

Few researchers or practitioners have focused on the nuances of clinical work and interviewing like Daryl Chow. During this webinar interview, we explore Daryl’s work, which focuses on how professionals can use plans for deliberate practice to achieve better results from their work. 

Daryl Chow, MA, PhD
Chief Regional Psychologist, Division of Community Corrections

Daryl Chow, MA, PhD (Psych) is a practicing psychologist and trainer. He is a senior associate of the International Center for Clinical Excellence (ICCE). He devotes his time to workshops and consultations, and researches the development of expertise and highly effective psychotherapists, helping practitioners to achieve better results. Daryl is the author of The First Kiss: Undoing the Intake Model and Igniting First Sessions in Psychotherapy. He is also the co-author (with Scott Miller and Mark Hubble) of Better Results: Using Deliberate Practice to Improve Therapeutic Effectiveness. His work has also appeared in edited books, peer-reviewed journal articles, and he is a co-editor of The Write to Recovery: Personal Stories & Lessons about Recovery from Mental Health Concerns. Daryl’s blog, Frontiers of Psychotherapist Development is aimed at inspiring and sustaining practitioners’ individualized professional development. His highly personalized in-depth online course for supervisors, Reigniting Clinical Supervision, serves as a leading light to help raise the bar of effectiveness in psychotherapy. Currently, Daryl maintains a private practice with a vibrant team at Henry Street Centre, Fremantle, AU and continues to serve as a senior psychologist at the Institute of Mental Health, Singapore.

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