Acceptance, Understanding, Compassion, and Personal Responsibility – A Path to Healing: A Conversation with Stephan Jones

Guest Speaker: Stephan Jones

Stephan Jones is the son of Rev. Jim Jones, whose actions with the Peoples Temple ended in the deaths of over 900 people in Jonestown, Guyana, on November 18, 1978. Away playing at a Temple-promoted basketball game at the time, Stephan and his teammates lost most of their families, loved ones, and community that night. He was then imprisoned until his return to the US, despite having had no role in these events. The survivors faced extreme challenges in the years that followed.

Surviving events that others find incomprehensible, Stephan was able to rebuild his life. While he has written essays and assisted with occasional media appearances, he has never sought the limelight, preferring instead to be helpful to his fellow survivors, raising three daughters, and pursuing his own spiritual path. This conversation explores Stephan’s journey through the traumatic events into a deep acceptance and understanding of them. This is a story of interest to all who have found themselves at a crossroads in the wake of trauma.

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